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WP 165 basked in the sun for a few days while the 1503 got it new green paint. The 165 looks like a proper steam engine now with its boiler face back on. 7/29/19 - Photo by Greg Elems



WP165 Logo What railroad museum would be complete without a steam locomotive?  While the Western Pacific Railroad Museum is well known for having one of the largest collections of historic diesels in the world, Portola is also home to Western Pacific Railroad Museum's steam program.  Currently, 0-6-0 steam switching locomotive #165 is under restoration.  Our steam department is headed by Roger Stabler.  Assisting Roger is recently retired head of Union Pacific's steam program, Steve Lee, and a large group of "Willing People" working to return Western Pacific steam to the "Feather River Route" for the first time in over 50 years.

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"Spring" 2017 Work Party
Team - (L to R): Roger Stabler, Kirk Baer, Bob Sims, Steve Lee, Bil Jackson, Channing Walker, Alexander Klaer (Wasatch welder in firebox), Michael Giarritta, John James, Erik Olsen, Chris Allan
- Photo by Michael Clawson 5/5/17

- Photo by Greg Elems 10/14/17

- Photo by Paul Finnegan 9/4/16

- Photo by Greg Elems 9/9/16

- Photo by Paul Finnegan 7/4/15

We extend a special Thank YOU! to our friends at Wasatch Railroad Contractors for their on-going
support of the WP 165 restoration project.


  Western Pacific #165





Western Pacific 165 is an 0-6-0 switching locomotive built by the Schenectady Works of the American Locomotive Company. This engine was used at many of the WP's rail yards, including Stockton, Sacramento and Portola. It was built in November, 1919, for the United Verde Copper Company of Jerome, Arizona, as their number 87. On September 17, 1927, the 165 and three sister UVCC engines were sold to the WP and become the road's S-34 class, numbered 163-166.



These burly switchers supplemented WP's 12 existing 0-6-0s, but some 2-8-0s in working the various yards. The 165 last operated in March, 1953, as WP was winding down its last steam operations. The engine was retired in October, 1957. Five years later, the engine was donated to the City of San Leandro. The engine was displayed for many years at the San Leandro BART station, before being transferred to the Alameda County Fairgrounds for display there. It was later acquired by the Pacific Locomotive Association and was eventually acquired by the FRRS in a trade with a later owner.



On March 1, 2006, the 165 returned to Portola on a museum flatcar, marking the return of WP steam power to Plumas County for the first time in nearly 50 years.



  Locomotive Restoration


Work has now begun on the restoration of WP 165 to complete operation. Our Steam Crew is headed by Roger Stabler.


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