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The Western Pacific Railroad was not the largest of the Western Class-One railroads.  It wasn't formed until 1906, with completion in 1909.  However, operating in the shadow of giants like the Southern Pacific, Santa Fe and the Union Pacific, the relatively young WP had to work that much harder to survive.  Thanks to the tenacious spirit and dedication of its employees, the WP rolled on in the face of occasional adversity with a spirit, humor, and culture that made them a legendary figure in the annals of railroading.  Come celebrate with us at our annual WP Historical Conventions.  These conventions feature clinics and presentations on models, prototype equipment, lines and structures as well as the people that made the WP famous.  A large banquet with guest speaker rounds out the weekends festivities on Saturday evening.

Historical/Archive Department


New books from the FRRS Historical/Archive Department!

We have created reproductions of ten equipment books containing WP, SN and TS technical drawings of various pieces of equipment. The books are spiral bound editions reproduced in summer 2021 by the Feather River Rail Society from original documents from our archives.

Book TitleSizePagesPrice
1 - 1930 Work Equipment11 x 4.574$31.95
2 - 1968 WP Freight Cars17 x 4.5168$59.00
3 - 1947 Outfit Cars17 x 6.534$24.95
4 - SN and TS Locomotive and Freight Equipment17 x 6.529$31.95
5 - 1928 Passenger Cars11 x 4.519$24.95
6 - 1951 CZ Passenger Cars17 x 6.2513$29.95
7 - 1958 Maintenance of Way Equipment11 x 4.586$34.95
8 - 1947 Steam Locomotive Equipment~14x726$34.95
9 - 1958-1968 Diesel Locomotive Equipment~17x738$34.95
10 - 1977 Diesel Locomotive Equipment~12x1038$34.95

View a couple sample pages HERE!

Get yours at the museum or order your copy at the WPRM ONLINE Store (Shop → Books) HERE!

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