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List of Other Magazines WP Modeling Articles

Page updated: April 25, 2023

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Magazine Issue Page Article Title Author
Classic Toy TrainsFeb 199156Lionel's Western Pacific Feather CarRoger Carp
Classic Toy TrainsJul 2003122Collectible Classics Lionel's no 3474 operating boxcar (WP)Roger Carp
Classic TrainsDec 200032Serving the railroad in the middle of nowhere, Maggie Mosher wartime telegrapher in Nevada (WP)Dick Dorn
Classic TrainsJan 200350When Cinerama rode the CA (California Zephyr)David Lustig
Classic TrainsJun 2001 60Sampling California's streamliners (WP)James A. Valle
Classic TrainsJun 200520March sadness - the last California ZephyrRobert S. McGonigal
Classic TrainsMar 200334Creatures of the Canyon Western Pacific 2-8-8-2'sFred Matthews
CTC BoardAug 200444The seventh subdivision (Nevada and Utah on the former WP and SP)Doug Harrop
CTC BoardFeb 200350Winter in the Feather River Canyon (Snow in the Feather River Canyon)Dick Dorn
CTC BoardMay 200142Twenty years back, Western Pacific then and nowDale Sanders
Diesel EraJan 199317Orange and Silver Diesels of the Western PacificWarren Calloway
Diesel EraJul 200118Feather River GP35'sUnknown
Diesel EraSept 200542Western Pacific's SW 1500'sUnknown
FT Units The Diesel that did itNone28F Units Hard at Work (WP)Jeff Wilson
GM's Geeps: The General Purpose DieselNone20Geeps Hard at work (WP)Paul D. Schneider
HO Monthly Model TrainsApr 195924Quick project for a bare siding - storehouse or small town station WPDonald Sims
Locomotive QuarterlyJun 2000NoneWestern Pacific's Sleek MountainsUnknown
Mainline ModelerApr 198881Keddie Wye April 1981Unknown
Mainline ModelerAug 199272WP 1937 boxcar 9'6" modified heightJeffrey M. Koeller
Mainline ModelerAug 200064GS Woodchip Gondola, Using Detail Associates Gondola Kit (WP)Peter Solyom
Mainline ModelerDec 200444Western Prototype Modelers 15th annual WPM meetBrian Rutherford
Mainline ModelerFeb 199535WP boxcar rebuildsJames Kinkaid
Mainline ModelerFeb 199626Western Pacific NW2 608Brian Rutherford
Mainline ModelerFeb 19984060' Auto Parts Car Early PullmansJames Kinkaid
Mainline ModelerJan 198240The Electro-Motive F-3 part 1Unknown
Mainline ModelerJan 198326WP F-Unit Painting Guide form the Feather River RouteBruce R. Meyer
Mainline ModelerJan 198655EMD GP20 Start of a new GenerationRobert Hundman, David Peck
Mainline ModelerJan 199469WP Bay Window CabooseClyde Queen Jr.
Mainline ModelerJan 200239Pullman-Standard's Early Cushion boxcar (WP)James Kinkaid
Mainline ModelerJul 1995 26WP Boxcar Page Porter
Mainline ModelerJun 199740WP GP-35Clyde Queen Jr.
Mainline ModelerJun 199943Pullman-Standard PS-4 Flat CarRobert Hundman
Mainline ModelerMar 198240The Electro-Motive F-3 part 2Unknown
Mainline ModelerMar 199034WP boxcar and subsequent varietyAl Armitage
Mainline ModelerMar 199134WP 42" Stock CarAl Armitage
Mainline ModelerMar 19954050' Single-Sheathed automobile carsJohn Ryczkowski
Mainline ModelerMay 199935PS-4 Flat Cars (WP)James Kindaid
Mainline ModelerMay 200532Western Pacific's boxcar Number 39002Thornton Waite
Mainline ModelerNov 199941Portec's WP HopperJames Kindaid
Mainline ModelerOct 198960Western Pacific 2-8-8-2 Part 2Bob Aldag, Robert L. Hundman
Mainline ModelerOct 199026WP Stock CarsJohn Ryczkowski
Mainline ModelerSep 198960Western Pacific 2-8-8-2 Part 1Bob Aldag
Mainline ModelerSep 199362Western Pacific boxcarJohn Nehrich
Mainline ModelerSep 199531WP ReeferEdwin L. Martin
Mainline ModelerSep 199649WP/UP PG35'sDan Persson
Model Railroad Bridges and TrestlesNone140Western Pacific's North Fork concrete arch bridgeGordon Odegard
Model RailroaderApr 198663Western Pacific in Z part 3 track backdropsBruce Goehmann
Model RailroaderAug 194763Western Pacific 4-8-2Unknown
Model RailroaderAug 198684Western Pacific in Z part 7 city sceneryBruce Goehmann
Model RailroaderDec 197892Western Pacific's north Fork concrete arch bridgeGordon Odegard
Model RailroaderDec 201646Four eras over WP's Feather River Route - Developing a realistic operating scheme for a great model RRRobert W. Scott
Model RailroaderFeb 195458Feather River Route * X 14Unknown
Model RailroaderFeb 1981126Paint Shop WP Feather River boxJim Hediger
Model RailroaderFeb 198666Western Pacific in Z part 1 Bruce Goehmann
Model RailroaderJan 1993179Ask Paint Shop Western Pacific GP35 numbers and detailsUnknown
Model RailroaderJul 1935185Practical tunnel for modelingUnknown
Model RailroaderJul 198463The Western Pacific in N scale 10 X 14 boomerangAnton F. Andersen
Model RailroaderJuly 198662Western Pacific in Z part 6 California hillsBruce Goehmann
Model RailroaderJun 198688Western Pacific in Z part 5 desert sceneryBruce Goehmann
Model RailroaderJun 1993152Ask Paint Shop: Western Pacific diesel schemes of the 1960'sUnknown
Model RailroaderJun 199338Western Pacific 60"8" Center Beam Cars from McKean ModelsBrent MacGregor
Model RailroaderJune 199754the Northern Nevada Ry (WP)Robert Spangler
Model RailroaderMar 193668Western Pacific WyeUnknown
Model RailroaderMar 198666Western Pacific in Z part 2 Bench workBruce Goehmann
Model RailroaderMay 196929WP timber tunnel portalRobert Wegner
Model RailroaderMay 1986102Western Pacific in Z part 4 Feather River Canyon sceneBruce Goehmann
Model RailroaderNone11448 top Notch Track Plans - the Western Pacific in N Scale 10 X 14 boomerangAnton F. Andersen
Model RailroaderNov 195877Blue Book of Model RR Practice 42: WP Geep color chartUnknown
Model RailroaderNov 2000137Ask Paint Shop: Erie Alcos WP OrangeUnknown
Model RailroaderNov 201246SP meets WP in N scale - Semi-freelanced around the walls layout models California in the transition eraClifton Linton
Model RailroaderOct 195384Western Pacific 4-8-2Unknown
Model RailroaderOct 197798Paint Shop: CP SW1500: Frisco RPO: Georgia F#: WP FP7Jim Hediger
Model RailroaderSep 196255Blue Book of Model RR Practice 89" WP F-units, Unknown
Model RailroaderSep 1984106Paint Shop Western Pacific GP35 in Orange and GreenAndy Sperandeo
Model RailroaderSep 1994106Western Pacific in the Feather River Canyon 17 X 20 multilevel layoutStephen Cavanaugh (RIP)
Model RailroaderSep 200148Jim Dias Feather River Route 1938Jim Dias - Tommy Holt
Model RailroaderSep 200156Keddie, California (a yard you can model in a curve)Don Sims
Model Railroader CyclopediaVol 1174Steam Locomotives, FEC WP, 4-8-2Unknown
Model Railroader CyclopediaVol 1219Steam Locomotives SP-WP 4-8-4 DaylightsUnknown
Model Railroad HobbyistJan 201150Steve Cavanaugh's Western Pacific RailroadJack Burgess
Model Railroad HobbyistMay 201046Jim Dias' Western PacificCharlie Comstock
Model RailroadingAug 200222GP40 the First 645 Geep, Part 23 Western PacificGeorge Melvin
Model RailroadingAug 200438S-1 Alco's First Standard Switcher Part 21 (WP)George Melvin
Model RailroadingDec 199948Freightcarology 60' Auto Parts BoxcarsDavid Casdorph, George Melvin, Rich Picariello
Model RailroadingFeb 198813Freight cars for the Fifties Rebuilt USRA Z-Braced 40 foot boxcarsUnknown
Model RailroadingJan 198169Diesel Detail Close-up Western Pacific EMD GP40Unknown
Model RailroadingJan 198854Diesel Detail Close-Up EMD GP40 as WP 3517 in ColorUnknown
Model RailroadingJan 198921AAR Style 13 Rib Gondola VariationsRobert Schleicher
Model RailroadingJan 19894936-foot Harriman (and variations) Stock CarsAlbin Borroughs
Model RailroadingJul 198830Freight cars for the Fifties PD-1 40 foot boxcars part XUnknown
Model RailroadingJul 200020GP20 the First Turbo Geep, Part 8 (WP)Andy Lester, David Bontrager, Doug Geiger, George Melvin
Model RailroadingJun 199636Rob Spangler's Northern Nevada Railway (WP)Robert Spangler
Model RailroadingMa 198856FMC 4700 Cu. Ft. Covered hollers in ColorUnknown
Model RailroadingMar 199729Greenville Steel Car Company Mill Gons from Proto 2000 by Life-LikeJim Six
Model RailroadingMay 200211Atlas ACF 4650 Center Flow Hopper (WP)David Casdorph
Model RailroadingMay 200330Modeling a Western Pacific 60' Berwick BoxcarKen Edmier
Model RailroadingNov 198312Performance Test Report # 41 Sunset WP HO 2-8-0Unknown
Model RailroadingNov 198456Diesel Detail Close-Up EMD SW1500 on the Western PacificUnknown
Model RailroadingOct 198742Freight cars of the Fifties (and Thirties) GS Gondolas Part IIUnknown
Model RailroadingSep 198741Trailers-on-Flat-Cars part II the FiftiesLloyd Keyser, Mike Vaughan
Model RailroadingSep 199628Modeling the Western Pacific GP20'sPeter Solyom (RIP)
Model RailroadingSep 200024Scratch building Canadian Pacific's Salmon Arm Station (WP)Art Fahie, Dave Pires, Doug Hole
Model RailroadingSep 200450Diesel Detail Close-Up Western Pacific WP EMD GP40 and GP40-2Rich Picariello
Model Railroad NewsMay 200512Kat's California ZephyrDavid Otte
Model Railroad PlanningJan 200734Modeling Western Pacific's First SubTommy Holt
NMRA BulletinApr 197448Painting a Western Pacific CaboosePhil Kohl
NMRA BulletinDec 201010Riding Trains during the 2011 NMRA Convention (WP)Jack Burgess
NMRA BulletinJun 197318PFM Western Pacific 4-8-2Robert Higgins
NMRA BulletinMar 198020Western Pacific's Lone PrairieRon Kuykendall
NMRA BulletinMay 197822Remember When? The ZephyrTom O"Neil
NMRA BulletinOct 197940RR Herald - Western PacificTom O"Neil
NMRA BulletinSep 197932Western Pacific Water Tank PlanPaul Moon
N ScaleMar 199744WP Heavy Mikado: Kato's USRA 2-8-2 customized for the Western PacificCharles W. Williams
N Scale RailroadingJan 200550Western Pacific work trainFlash Blackman, Dan Kamikubo
N Scale RailroadingNov 200124Modeling the Feather River Canyon's North Fork bridgeDave Montgomery
N Scale RailroadingNov 200130Capturing the essence of the modern Feather River RouteMark Bridgwater
Prototype ModelerApril 197850Tidewater Southern 50' BoxcarPeter Arnold
Prototype ModelerAug 197748Western Pacific 40' M-W boxcarDan Crews (RIP)
Prototype ModelerAug 198010Athearn's 50' Hi-Cube single door boxcar in HOPeter Arnold
Prototype ModelerAug 198529The Prototype Modelers Notebook Western Pacific 50 foot 50-ton double door boxcarsJohn Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerDec 197721Western Pacific GP-7 UpdatePeter Arnold
Prototype ModelerDec 197856Western Pacific's Bi-Centennial EMD GP40 in HODan Crews (RIP)
Prototype ModelerDec 1980NoneWP 426 Class CabooseCharles Roth Models
Prototype ModelerFeb 197957Lettering schemes for Western Pacific steam locomotivesThom Anderson
Prototype ModelerJan 198338WP 50-foot boxcarsJohn Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerJun 197848Western Pacific 40" boxcarsPeter Arnold
Prototype ModelerJun 197940Western Pacific's steam locomotive fleetThom Anderson
Prototype ModelerJune 198030Detail West Double Plug Door 50 foot BoxcarPeter Arnold
Prototype ModelerMar 198435Western Pacific Feather BoxcarsJohn Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerMay 198219Western Pacific M-K ballast carJohn Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerMay 198318WP Class FM 60-foot flat carsJohn Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerNov 198527Western Pacific GP20John Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerOct 1974Inside back pageWP 3030 PhotoStaff
Prototype ModelerOct 198521Railroading in the Feather River Canyon past, present and futureJames E. Humbert, John Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerSep 198612Western Pacific Center-Flow Covered HoppersJohn Ryczkowski
Prototype ModelerSept-Oct 1982NoneMill Gondola WPRichard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railfan& RailroadApr 200338The Willing PeopleTed Benson
Railmodel JournalAug 199886the Reno BranchRob Robson
Railmodel JournalAug 199936Pullman-Standard's 86 foot auto parts boxcarScott Chatfield
Railmodel JournalAug 200145Fright cars of the Fifties Roger-Hart selective ballast cars (WP)Richard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railmodel JournalAug 200619Diesels, one detail at a time EMD F7A Phase II AS WP 913,915Louis A. Marre
Railmodel JournalDec 1991NoneJim Providenza HO LayoutJim Providenza
Railmodel JournalDec 199742International Car Co Bay-Window Cabooses from Walthers Part IVJim Eager
Railmodel JournalDec 199940Modeling the Western Pacific in HOJim Providenza
Railmodel JournalDec 200025Diesel Modeling: Vintage-Dating F-Units in HO scale (WP)Jim Providenza
Railmodel JournalFeb 200616AAR Recommended Practices 65 Foot 6 inch Mill Gondolas (WP)Richard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railmodel JournalFeb 200815Diesels one detail at a time EMD FTA WP 905ALouis A. Marre
Railmodel JournalJan 199616Double-Door boxcars 50-foot PS-1 Circa 1948-1961 part 4Ed Hawkins
Railmodel JournalJan 1996452-foot Thrall Gondolas from Walthers HO Scale KitsJim Eager
Railmodel JournalJan 1997862-foot Plug-Door Beer CarsTim Dickinson
Railmodel JournalJan 200354Baldwin 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler in HO by Spectrum (WP)Robert Schleicher
Railmodel JournalJay 199912Modeling Passenger Cars, part IV Done cars and Slumber Coaches (WP) HO and N from IHC/Rivarossi/Con-CorVic Roseman
Railmodel JournalJul 199611Adding Grabirons and Ladders without new decals, 50-foot boxcars part 5Richard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railmodel JournalJuly 199614The 50-foot boxcar 1892-1932 part 6Richard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railmodel JournalJuly 19974Modeling 40-foot PS-1 boxcars part 9 Ed Hawkins
Railmodel JournalJun 2001 889-Foot Wide-Body Auto Racks, Part II, from Walthers modelsScott Chatfield
Railmodel JournalJune 199534Western Pacific EMD SW1500 from Atheran's KitClyde Queen Jr.
Railmodel JournalMar 19963686-foot HI-Cube boxcars part 2Mike Budde
Railmodel JournalMar 199724Modified 1937 AAR 40-foot cars part 4Ed Hawkins
Railmodel JournalMar 200012General Service Gondolas (WP)Richard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railmodel JournalMar 200310WP 62-foot Beer Box for Eel River Models HO scale kitChris Butts
Railmodel JournalMay 1997850-Foot PS-1 boxcars Circa 1948-1961 part 5Ed Hawkins
Railmodel JournalMay 200050Western Pacific Circa Spring 1938 in HO ScaleJim Dias - Tommy Holt
Railmodel JournalMay 200240PC&F Cars in HO Part 2 (WP)Jim Eager
Railmodel JournalNov 199335WP 50-foot boxcar form Life-Like kitClyde Queen Jr.
Railmodel JournalNov 199612EMD FT DieselsRobert Schleicher
Railmodel JournalNov 199624Greenville-Design Mill Gondolas part 2Richard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railmodel JournalOct 200320USRA Heavy 2-8-2 Mikados from Broadway Limited models (WP)Harold K. Vollrath
Railmodel JournalOct 200615Harriman Standard (UP/SP/WP) 36 foot stock carsRichard Hendrickson (RIP)
Railmodel JournalSep 199227Western Pacific GP40-2 from Athearn's kitClyde Queen Jr.
Railroad Model CraftsmanApr 195329hart selective hopper type ballast car on the Western PacificUnknown
Railroad Model CraftsmanApr 200894Essential Fright Cars Fifty foot single-sheathed boxcars (has WP in the article)Ted Culotta
Railroad Model CraftsmanDec 197245Cars of the California ZephyrJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanDec 197334WP wood Bay-window cabooseJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanDec 199173WP 642 outside-braced caboose from MDC boxcarJim Providenza
Railroad Model CraftsmanDec 200698The slippery slope, Modeling two WP covered hoppersJim Providenza
Railroad Model CraftsmanFeb 199886Detailing a Western Pacific GP9Peter Solyom (RIP)
Railroad Model CraftsmanFeb 200150Perspective: Rails to San Francisco Bay Car float operation on SF Bay (WP)Rob Robson
Railroad Model CraftsmanJan 197352WP-CB&Q-D&RGW streamline baggage carJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanJan 198964Western Pacific 606 modeling an SW9Dan Smith
Railroad Model CraftsmanJul 195837Locomotive portfolio 3: the Mikado (WP)Unknown
Railroad Model CraftsmanJul 196236WP diesel fuel oil carSharpe Delaney
Railroad Model CraftsmanJul 197329WP 426-460 series modern bay-window cabooseJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanJul 197438CZ Compartment Pullman, 1952 streamlinerJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanJul 197539CZ's sleepersJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanJul 200050Scenes along the WP - a visit to Jim Dias' Layout set in the spring of 1938Jim Dias - Tommy Holt
Railroad Model CraftsmanJun 197334California Zephyr Vista Dome-dormitory-buffet-loungeJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanJun 199648Modeling the Western Pacific RailroadJim Dias
Railroad Model CraftsmanNone2750-ton Hart Selective Ballast Car (Rolling Stock Manual of HO and O Gauge Plans)Unknown
Railroad Model CraftsmanNov 197238Diesels of the Western PacificJim Boyd
Railroad Model CraftsmanNov 197334California Zephyr 48-seat dinerJulian Cavalier
Railroad Model CraftsmanNov 2004108WP boxcar O Scale (San Juan Car Company)Trevor Marshall
Railroad Model CraftsmanOct 196238Western Pacific MOFW dinning carSharpe Delaney
Railroad Model CraftsmanOct 199850Kitbashing a WP through truss bridgeJim Providenza
Railroad Model CraftsmanSep 195429Western Pacific scenery - ProtopixUnknown
Railroad Model CraftsmanSep 197858Anniversary F on the Western PacificTony Koester
Railroad Model CraftsmanSep 199456Western Facific's Feather PS-1 boxcarsAnthony Thompson
Railroad ModelerApr 197438Know tour diesel: EMD's SE1500 (WP)David Lustig
Railroad ModelerAug 197648Dome chair cars for the CZJulian Cavalier
Railroad ModelerAug 197738Off with the skirts - Lionel's Daylight 4-8-4 becomes SP GS-4 and a WP GS-6Richard R. Weil
Railroad Modelermar 197149Western Pacific GP40 Paint schemeUnknown
Railroad ModelerMar 197213F-units in WP and D&RGW colorsJames Finnell
Railroad ModelerMay 197434Bridge-line motive power (WP)David Lustig
Railroad ModelerSep 197152Western Pacific F-3 paint schemeUnknown
Railroad ModelerSep 197849Western Pacific's F7 RevivalMichael Martin
Railway Prototype CyclopediaVol 271Modeling the Early EMC SW-1 SwitcherCharles Roth
Railway Prototype CyclopediaVol 332Vintage boxcar Painting and Lettering (WP)Pat Wider
Railway Prototype CyclopediaVol 35252'-6" 70-Ton Drop End De Facto Standard Mill GondolasEd Hawkins, John Spencer
Railway Prototype CyclopediaVol 51boxcar Painting (WP)Pat Wider
Railway QuarterlySpring 1978NoneSurviving among the GiantsWalter Price
Rio Grande Car PlansNone16Dining Car 801 Mt. Elbert Built in 1910 as the Sacramento for the Western PacificUnknown
Rio Grande Car PlansNone17Observation Car Ogden Canon Guilt in 1910 aw Western Pacific buffet/library car 807Unknown
S GaugianMay 199318the Silver Place Dome CarSusan O"Brien
S GaugianMay 199721D&RGW Cabooses Classic way cars used by the D&RGW, MP and WPRuss Coilman
S GaugianNov 200526Build Western Pacific's bay window wood cabooseRobert Hogan
S GaugianSep 199826S-Helper Service introducing S Scale EMD F3'sUnknown
The Historical Guide to North American Railroads2nd Edition458Western Pacific RailroadGeorge Drury
The Locomotive CyclopediaVol 1NoneWestern Pacific 2-8-8-2Bob Aldag, Robert L. Hundman
Trains1978-01-01 00:00:0048Biggest little city SP and WP in RenoTed Benson
TrainsApr 195041Big Hook, clearing a wreck WPPeter Josserand
TrainsApr 1991 38the Shield and the FeatherJohn Walker
TrainsApr 200440Central Transcontinental's (WP routes)Mark W. Hemphill
TrainsApr 200446Pacific Coast routes (profiles of SP and OT-GN-WP-AT&SF)Brian Jennison
TrainsAug 195254the log of fruit block 344, perishable traffic on the Western PacificW.H. Hutchinson
TrainsAug 195348the Wobbly comes of ageGilbert H. Kneiss
TrainsAug 197442A conversation with A.E. PerlmanDavid P. Morgan
TrainsFeb 195214The desire to be somewhere else thoughts about the California ZephyrDavid P. Morgan
TrainsJan 19456The Bieber Line, Western Pacific's Inside Gateway LinePhilip C. Johnson
TrainsJan 197318her spirit will never die, California Zephyr FP7's work in freight serviceTed Benson
TrainsJan 197834High trails from Utah (WP)Ted Benson
TrainsJan 197838Down humbolkt's golden road (WP-SP paired track along the Humboldt River)Ted Benson
TrainsJan 198149Once upon a time in Trains: Lost in the desert WP 4-6-6-4Raymond C. Henry
TrainsJul 194942Battling up to BieberFrank P. Donovan Jr.
TrainsJul 195226A streetcar named Zephyrette Western Pacific's RDC'sW.H. Hutchinson
TrainsJul 195348the Waters of the West The Western Pacific StoryGilbert H. Kneiss
TrainsJun 199954Western Pacific rememberedArthur L. Llyod
TrainsJune 195036Scheduled for scenery, a ride on the California Zephyr from Oakland to ChicagoWillard V. Anderson
TrainsMar 194228Feather River Route, Western PacificA.C. Kalmbach
TrainsMar 194437Gold Dust twins, specification for SP GS-6 and WP 481 ClassUnknown
TrainsMar 195348Keddie Wye almostWallace W. Abbey
TrainsMar 196656Out where a train is a train WP freight in Nevada's Smoke Creek desertDavid P. Morgan Richard Steinheimer
TrainsMar 197622Fighting snow for profit (WP) keeping the lines openDick Dorn
TrainsMar 200238Perlman the magnificent (Perlman's career at Western Pacific)Harry J. Bruce
TrainsNov 197837Western Pacific's final fourTed Benson
TrainsOct 200744The Magnificent Six Mingle (C&N, D&RGW, MKT, SP, UP, WP)Unknown
TrainsSep 196526Doomed to obscurity Western Pacific's 4-6-6-4'sDavid P. Morgan
TrainsSep 197152What we'll remember about the WP's CZUnknown
TrainsSept 200734Perlman's Seventies Success (WP)Alfred Perlman Rush Loving Jr.
Walkaround Model Railroad Track PlansNone61Western PacificDon Mitchell
Western Prototype ModelerJan/Feb 1976NoneWestern Pacific GP-7 UpdateNone
Western Prototype ModelerJan/Feb 197720WP 37 foot Covered HoppersDan Crews (RIP)
Western Prototype ModelerNov/Dec 197619WP 50 foot Double Door boxcarDan Crews (RIP)

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