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THE WESTERN PACIFIC Headlight is the Feather River Rail Society's journal of WP history and includes articles of interest for modelers and those wishing to know more of the historical aspects of the Western Pacific and subsidiary roads.

Almost all of the back issues are available in the Museum Store or at the
WPRM Online Store for mail orders (listed under magazines).

Issue #DateTable of ContentsAvailable
in Museum Store
57February 2024 the HEADLIGHT March, 1942 - EDITORIAL
On-Duty on The Western Pacific with Chris Skow: Number 6 is on the Ground!
Sacramento Northern Post 1965 Locomotive Roster
Sacramento Northern Freight Operations – March 1971
Movie Western Pacific Agent this Weekend
Some Other Movies on the W.P.
California Zephyr Acceptance - Mileposts August 1949
Most Remembered Train in America - Mileposts April 1970
A Close Call in Livermore
More information about this issue
56October 2023 the HEADLIGHT February, 1942 - Editorial
Mileposts December, 1949 - "Rattlers" Have Names, Too!
WP Picnic Train Special June 25, 1983
ON DUTY ON THE WP: You’re Called on the Portola Derrick Eastbound
History of an EMD SW 1500
Modeling the EMD SW1500
WP’s Passenger Motorcar Journey
The Western Pacific Years 1917 to 1939 on the Reno Branch
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55March 2023 the HEADLIGHT January, 1942 - Editorial
Mileposts November, 1949 - LIFE BEGINS AT FORTY
This Is Your Zephyrette
Zephyrette Uniform and Pin
Modeling a Western Pacific 50-foot Automobile Boxcar
Modeling the Western Pacific Railroad - WP Convention Cars
Zephyrette circa 1968-1969 in one of the dome observation cars
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54November 2022 the HEADLIGHT December 1941 - EDITORIAL
Western Pacific Mileposts - October 1949
Pacific Fruit Express 52138
Kathleen Phelan Arnoldsen - Train Dispatcher
The Nevada-California-Oregon Railway
Western Pacific’s Steam Locomotive Fleet - An Overview More information about this issue
53February 2022 the HEADLIGHT November 1941
Mileposts - Don't Be HALF Safe!
Modeling a WP MOW Combination Gondola-Flatcar
The PS-1 Boxcar
The Streetcar that went Class One
On-Duty on the WP with Chris Skow
My Summer at the WP
On the Property - WP PS-1 Boxcars 20806 & 20807
More information about this issue
52August 2021 the HEADLIGHT October 1941 - Beginning
Sacramento Northern's South-end Finale: A Boy's Retrospective of an Incredible Summer
Feather River Canyon Snow Slide
SN Equipment from days gone by
Falling Rock and the Museum
51Spring 2020 Western Pacific Maintenance of Way Cars, Kerry Cochran
At the Throttle with Bob Larson, 1979
On the Property - WPMW 8545 Combination Gondola-Flatcar, Kerry Cochran
Fortuitous discovery of WP steam at mid-century, Steve VanDenburgh
SpecialApril 2019 Special CZ 70th Anniversary Celebration
California Zephyr Consists
California Zephyr Passenger Car Roster
6 - 5 Sleeper
Steam Generator Cars
Baggage Cars
Vista-Dome Coach
10 - 6 Sleeper
Vista-Dome Buffet-Lounge
Dining Cars
16 Section Sleeper
WP's Unique No-Brush Train Washer
Last Call for Dinner
The California Zephyr
Vista-Dome Buffet-Lounge-Observation
CZ Car Mechanical Equipment
CZ Cars - Mechanical Department Equipment Diagrams
CZ Brochures
(note this special
issue is $20) and is listed under "Books" in the Online Store
50March 2018 The Canyon Killers: Western Pacific's 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotives
On the Property: Tidewater Southern Cornucopia Boxcars 520 & 521
At the Throttle with Bob Larson, 1978
Steam Locomotive Feedwater Heaters
49March 2016 Western Pacific's Coil Steel Gondolas
On the Property - WP Gondola 6424
Fifteen Minutes of Fame for WP 6482
At the Throttle with Bob Larson, 1977
48Spring 2015 James F. Lynch -WP Eastern Division Superintendent 1951-67
47Summer 2014 Lee Johnson on Western Pacific GE Locomotives
On the Property WP 3051
At the Throttle with Bob Larson 1976
46Winter 2013/2014 History Locomotive No. 94, Norm Holmes
WP's Auto Hauling History
At the Throttle with Bob Larson 1975
45Summer 2013 Western Pacific Intermodal Operations
Mike Burchardt at the Keddie Wye
At the Throttle with Bob Larson 1974
44Winter 2012/2013 WP Mechanical Departments Over-the-Road Repair Equipment
A Night on the APF
1950s Update to WP Stores Department
43Spring 2012 Portola California Part III
The Jack Daly Memoirs
Surrounded by Steam in Portola
Railroad Brat, Growing up in WP Family in Portola
42Winter 2011/2012 Portola California Part II
WP's Portola Diesel Shop
Portola goes to the Dogs
Western Pacific's mid-80s Return to Portola
41Spring 2011 Portola California Part I
Portola's Railroad History
Western Pacific's Portola Hospital
WPs Portola Roundhouse Complex
40Winter 2010/2011 A Sweet Time on the Sugar Pine
At the Throttle with Bob Larson 1969 to 1971
WP Yard Clerk 1965-66
Sacramento's Overhead Traveling Cranes
39 Feather River Route Centennial - Special Issue
38Fall 2009 At the Throttle with Bob Larson 1967 to 1969
The Failure of SNs Arcade Trestle Part II
Life in the Sierra Valley a Century Ago
Sacramento Northern GP7 number 712
WPs Unique Air-Operated Pin Lifters
37Sprint 2009 At the Throttle with Bob Larson 1960 to 1967
The Failure of SNs Arcade Trestle
Western Pacific Caboose 483
36Summer 2008 Tidewater Southern Equipment Photos
Working on the WP Bob Larson
Highline Trains George Manley
35Spring 2008 San Jose WP Branch Update
Locomotive, Diesel and Pass Car Diagrams
34Fall 2007 A Famous Train Comes to an End
Final Years of the Silver Lady
33Summer 2007 A 1962 look at Railroadings Future by Alfred Perlman
Modeling a WP Shorty Steel Gondola Car
WP San Jose Branch Part 2 Norm Holmes
32Spring 2007 WP San Jose Branch Part 1 Norm Holmes
An Outhouse for Your Layout
31Fall 2006 Ans Chico Deposts
Heavyweight Passenger Cars Plans
Thirsty Giants and Their Quest for Water Part 2
30Summer 2006 A Message from the WPRRHS Administrator
The Thirsty Giants & Their Quest For Water
Western Pacific's Mill Gondolas
Sacramento Northern Diesel Photographs
2006 convention Photos
Back Cover, The New Broadway Limited Cars
29Spring 2006 Sacramento Northern Part 2
SN 1632 Caboose Plans
Derailment at Haggin
28Fall 2005 Sacramento Northern Part 1
27Summer 2005 Western Pacific Steel Caboose # 452
Steam Train helpers Part 3
WPRRHS 2005 Convention
Mexican Laborers
26Spring 2005 Part 2 Steam Train Helpers
United States Gypsum Railroad
Western Pacific RR Forms
25Fall 2004 Steam Helper Locomotives Part 1
WP GE U23B Part 2
Motor Extra 830 West
24Summer 2004 A Message from the WPRRHS Administrator
EMD 1500 Switchers
Portrait of the Feather
Modeling WP's 1500's
Convention Report
Favorite Model
Run to Reno
23Sprint 2004 Coal vs Oil Burning Steam Locomotives
the New Baldwin Diesel Switchers
Build an MOW Derrick Gondola
22Winter 2003 A Message from the WPRRHS Administrator
Remember When
Portrait of the Feather
Modeling a 65' Mill Gondola
Book Reviews
Rolling Stock Gallery
F-Units in Color
21Summer 2003 Construction and Maintenance on WPs Western Division by Virgil Staff
20January 2003 General Electric U-23 Diesels
Modeling a GE U23B Part 2
On the Property WP No.805-A
19July 2002 Clover Valley Lumber Company
Modeling a GE U23B Diesel
Yuba City Convention Report
On the Property WPMW 0196
Note: Both of issues #17 and #18 are out of print, but many of the articles in these issues were updated and reprinted in the
Special CZ 70th Anniversary Celebration
published in 2019 and is available in the Museum Store (at the Museum or the Online Store listed under "Books").
18January 2002 A Message from the WRRHS Administrator
Modeling the CZ
California Zephyr Passenger Car Roster
Cars of the California Zephyr
On the Property
California Zephyr Brochure
17March 2001 Special CZ 50th Anniversary Issue Part 1
Loss of Harry ""HAP"" Manit 1916-1999
On the Property WP FP-7A 805-A
WP Unique No-Brush Train Washer-Portola"
161998 First Generation WP Diesels
1998 WPRRHS Convention Report
Beanery Blockade form Peter Josserand
Rail Grinding on the WP
Dispatching Trains on the WP
15Winter 1997-1998 The Perlman Era
1997 WPRRHS Convention Report
Merchandising WP
WP Facilities
WP Model Report
14Spring-Summer 1997 Oro Dam Line Relocation
WP SW9s Part 2
Feather River Railway
13Fall/Winter 1996 Oro Dam Constructors Railroad
Western Pacific SW9s
Modeling WP SW9s-Part l
Western Pacific Model Report
On the Property-WP Steel Caboose 484
On-Duty with WP's SW9s, interview with WP engineer Kirk Baer
Portrait of the Feather, AWP Photo Essay
12Spring 1995 BN Pool Power
WP Model Report
Dispatching the Canyon Subdivision
Taming the Canyon
On the Property WP GP7 707
11Winter 1995-1996 A look back WPs Employee Magazines
Western Pacific fin the Air
WP Fifty Foot Single-Sheather Auto Boxcars
Modeling a Fifty Foot Single-Sheather Auto Boxcar
the Old Dispatchers Story
Mountain Dispatcher
10Volume 93 Number 2 Western Pacific Model Report
How the WP Handles Wartime Traffic
Head On!
Merchandise Dispatch
WP to get Centralized Traffic Control
WP Completes TCS
Modeling WP GP35's
WP colors in model paints
WP Beer Boxcars
Shafter, Nevada - 1947
Just Over Ten years Ago
Western Pacific Decals
9Volume 93 Number 1 Uncle Pete Plucks the Feather
Western Pacific 1903-1983
Post Merger Locomotive Notes
Steam Locomotives
Western Pacific System Map
Preserved WP Locomotives
8Volume 92 Number 2 Western Pacific Model Report
Take a Ride on the Sperry
Western Pacific GP35s
Ex-Milw 40' Boxcar WP 3417
7Volume 92 Number 1 FT History General Overview
WP FT Roster List
Horsepower vs. Tractive Effort
In War, Peace, Diesels Do Job
Life On A Battleship
More Power Pulls Today's Freights
WP FT General Arrangement Drawing
EMD FT General Arrangement Drawing
Paint Schemes
WP FT Unit Roster, 901-912
6Volume 93 Number 2 The Budd Cars are Rolling, Mileposts Reprint
Morrison-Knudsen GP35 and GP40 Remanufacturing - Part 2
Modeling Western Pacific ""Gould Standard"" Wood Cupola Cabooses
Assorted reprints from WP company magazine The Headlight
Modeling the Western Pacific GP40-2s
Western Pacific Freight Cars circa 1970
Western Pacific Model Report
5Volume 91 Number 1 Western Pacific Model Report
The "Charles O. Sweetwood" story
The Reno Branch
9001 series 70 ton Mill Gons
Feather River Route Standard
Western Pacific GP40s, additional information .
Morrison-Knudsen Remanufacturing of GP35 & 40 Locomotives, Part One
Easy to model WP Freight Cars by Tom Bacarella
Western Pacific Modeling Articles, Update No. Three"
4Volume 90 Number 4 A Tale of Two Engines - 3014 & 3020
4051 Series PC/WP Boxcars
WP GP40s - A Guide to Types
Western Pacific GP40 Views
Western Pacific Model Report
WP Modeling Article Index Update 2
Assorted Reprinted Stories from Western Pacific Mileposts
3Spring 1990 Western Pacific AAR Steel Boxcars
Western Pacific F3's in Freight Service
WP Series 1201 Tank Cars
Western Pacific Model Report
Trainsheet Back Issue Index
WP Modeling Article Index to Date
Assorted Reprinted Stories from Western Pacific Mileposts
2March 1990 Note:  This was a joint issue with Freight Car Journal #33
Western Pacific Freight Car Equipment List at the time of the UP Merger
Western Pacific Freight Car photos
1Fall 1989 I Remember the Zephyr
The California Zephyr, Reprinted from the November 1949 Railroad Magazine
Welcome Aboard the California Zephyr, Reprinted CZ trip guide and timetable
WP California Zephyr Equipment Diagrams
WP FP7 and F3 Fold-Out Drawings
Assorted Reprinted Stories from Western Pacific Mileposts
Western Pacific Model Report

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