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Crew for 8-1-21
(in order of markup)


Date/Time of MarkupCrewmemberQualifications
07/29/21 10:16 Ross, Loren QB QC QF QY QRAL QP
07/30/21 16:51 Parker, Bill QB QC QF QY QRAL QP
07/30/21 16:53 not_listed No qualifications found.

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SB-Student Brake QB-Qualified Brake
SC-Student Conductor QC-Qualified Conductor
SF-Student Fire  RF-Restricted Fire  QF-Qualified Fire
SY-Student Yard Engineer QY-Qualified Yard Engineer
SRAL-Student RAL Instructor QRAL-Qualified RAL Instructor
SP-Student Passenger Engineer  QP-Qualified Passenger Engineer

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