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Operating Department
Crew Training Material


SAFETY (100)

  1. General Safety Presentation  (printer friendly version)
  2. Safety and Health FRRS-SP01
  3. Job Briefing Safety Tailboard Process/Procedure:  How to hold a tailboard meeting
  4. Job Briefing Safety Tailboard Form:  Form to be used at tailboard meetings
  5. Count the Seconds  on YouTube
Safety Responsibilities - All Members
  1. Safety Book:  Code of Safe Practices, Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
  2. Museum Volunteer Manual


Introduction/ Orientation Objectives

Crew Guide Books

 Car Attendant Guidebook 
 Flagman or Crossing Guard Guidebook 
 Switch Tender Guidebook To be written 
 Brakeman Guidebook  Needs to be updated 
 Conductor Guidebook  Needs to be updated 
  1. Museum Policies
  2. Alcohol Policy
  3. Smoking Policy


  1. Hours of Operations:  Museum and Operating Dept (including Crew Call and train times) schedules.
  2. Crew Sign Up Procedure  (printer friendly version):  How to mark up on the Extra Board to work on the train crew.
  3. Work schedules
  4. Museum Management

Concurrent Operation of a RAL and a Passenger Train:  NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME

  1. Crew Training Presentation   (printer friendly version)
  2. Glossary:  Glossary of Terms
  3. WPRM Job Briefing Presentation  (printer friendly version) i
  4. Railroad Radio Usage
    1. Railroad Radio  (printer friendly version)   Museum Railroad Radio Rules & Procedures
    2. FRRS Radio Policy-Protocol   Defines the policies and protocols for the use of base, portable and mobile two-way railroad radios by the Feather River Rail Society members, volunteers and staff.
  5. New for 2017 - Train Operations  (printer friendly version)

Mechanical Department:
  1. Locomotive Starting and Daily Inspection Report
  2. Required Inspection Forms
    1. M1001:  Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance Report
  3. Requirements of the Operating Department for Locomotive Inspections
  4. Air Brake Principles:  Air Brake Principles and Specific Equipment. This should be read and understood by all Operating Crew member, especially any Hostler, Student Fireman, Fireman, Student Yard Engineer, Yard Engineer, Student Passenger Engineer, Passenger Engineer, Student RAL Engineer and RAL Engineer.
  5. North American Freight Train Brakes - by Al Krug   Strongly suggested reading material for all Operating Department personnel.
  6. Locomotive Starting Checks   ENGINEER'S, FIREMAN'S and TRAINMEN'S Locomotive Starting Check List and Daily Inspection Report Guide.

  1. Bulletin #04-16:  Balloon Greasing Standards
  2. WPRM Track Trouble Report Form:   Form to report any issues with track at the museum.

  1. Bulletin #01-17:  - Turning Locomotives


  1. Safety Orientation Checklist:  Operating Crew Qualification Program (New Members Only)
  2. Operating Crew Qualification Program Standard
  3. Operating Department Entrance and Service Requirements:
    1. Entrance to Service for Operating Department Personnel Presentation   (printer friendly version)
    2. Qualification Card(s)
    3. Certification of Locomotive Engineers:  Delineates the requirements for certification of new and existing locomotive engineers (Policy and card.)
    4. DSLE Skill Performance Report   This form is also on the Operating Dept Forms & Documents web page.


  1. FRRS Emergency Form
  2. Release of Liability Volunteer
  3. Qualification Card Audit
  4. Personal Work Report/FRRS Daily Work Report:  Form to track volunteer hours. (Remember to include travel time to/from job site.)
  5. Daily Sign In Log Sheet
  6. Museum Bulletins:  The web copy is for reference only. The official book is kept in the Operations office.
  7. Conductor's Reports:
    1. Conductor's Time Report
    2. FRRS Daily Train Report
    3. On-Line Conductor Report Presentation  (printer friendly version)
  8. Rules Violation Report in Development
  9. Job Abbreviations:  Official position abbreviations for reports.


  1.  General Code of Operating Rules
    1. Current Rule book
  2.  Rules Tests:  50 question for returning crew, 100 question for new members.


  1. Brakeman
  2. Car Foreman
  3. Car Host or Attendant
  4. Carmen
  5. Conductor
  6. Crew Caller
  7. Dispatcher
  8. Engineer-Fireman
  9. Flagman or Crossing Guard
  10. General Superintendant
  11. Hostler
  12. Road Foreman of Engines
  13. Roadmaster
  14. Signal Department Manager
  15. Signal Maintainer
  16. Superintendant of Operations
  17. Supervisor
  18. Switch Tender
  19. Trainmaster
  20. Yardmaster


RAL Engineers (900)

  1. Revised RAL Engineers Training and Policy Guide
  2. RAL Locomotive Weekly maintenance and operations Directive
  3. Student RAL Training
  4. RAL Student Engineer Progress Report
  5. RAL Engineer report of hours
  6. Concurrent Operation of a RAL and a Passenger Train

Concurrent Operation of a RAL and a Passenger Train: 


Tour of Museum, non-public areas, crew areas, restrooms, bulletin boards, bulletin book sign-in (Duty book).

Car and Caboose Nomenclature (New Members Only - 1100)

Caboose Train Operations (1200)

  1. Hand Signals Hands On
  2. Train Inspection Hands On
  3. Engine Equipment Hands On
  4. Getting On and Off of Moving Equipment Hands On
  5. Train Operations with RAL



Books and Forms used for Training

Books Forms
Current Rule Book       FRRS Emergency Form
  Operating Department Entrance and Service Requirements         Release of Liability Volunteer
            Qualification Card Audit
            Class Information (password required)  

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