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FRRS Organization Chart


General Superintendent Organization Chart

Superintendent of Operations Organization Chart



Organization sorted by Position

Archive Dept Manager Kerry Cochran
Assistant CMO David Elems
Assistant Roadmaster Ethan Doty
Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Assistant Yardmaster Loren Ross
Car Foreman Phillip Schmierer
CMO Bil Jackson
Crew Caller Paul Finnegan
DSLE Greg Elems
Edenwold Coordinator
Facilities Grounds Manager Charlie Spikes
General Superintendent Kerry Cochran
Maintenance of Way Crews
Maintenance of Way Manager
Marketing Publicity Manager
Membership Administrative Services Manager Eugene Vicnair
Museum Store Manager
Operating Dept Supervisor Paul Finnegan
President Steve Habeck
Publisher "Headlight Magazine" Mike Mucklin
RAL Manager Loren Ross
RAL Scheduler Ethan Doty
Restoration Dept Manager Steve Habeck
Road Foreman of Engines
Roadmaster Greg Elems
Rules Examiner
Safety Officer David Elems
Scouting Coordinator David Epling
Secretary Eugene Vicknair
Steam Crew
Steam Dept Advisor Steve Lee
Steam Dept Lead Chris Allan
Superintendent of Operations Loren Ross
Train Sheet Editor Matt Elems
Vice President Greg Elems
Webmaster Paul Finnegan
Yardmaster Steve Habeck

Organization sorted by Staff Name

Bil Jackson CMO
Charlie Spikes Facilities Grounds Manager
Chris Allan Steam Dept Lead
David Elems Assistant CMO
David Elems Safety Officer
David Epling Scouting Coordinator
Ethan Doty Assistant Roadmaster
Ethan Doty RAL Scheduler
Eugene Vicknair Secretary
Eugene Vicnair Membership Administrative Services Manager
Greg Elems DSLE
Greg Elems Roadmaster
Greg Elems Vice President
Kerry Cochran Archive Dept Manager
Kerry Cochran General Superintendent
Kerry Cochran General Superintendent
Loren Ross Assistant Yardmaster
Loren Ross RAL Manager
Loren Ross Superintendent of Operations
Loren Ross Superintendent of Operations
Matt Elems Train Sheet Editor
Mike Mucklin Publisher "Headlight Magazine"
Paul Finnegan Crew Caller
Paul Finnegan Operating Dept Supervisor
Paul Finnegan Webmaster
Phillip Schmierer Car Foreman
Position Vacant Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Position Vacant Dispatcher
Position Vacant Edenwold Coordinator
Position Vacant Maintenance of Way Crews
Position Vacant Maintenance of Way Manager
Position Vacant Marketing Publicity Manager
Position Vacant Mechanics
Position Vacant Museum Store Manager
Position Vacant Road Foreman of Engines
Position Vacant Rules Examiner
Position Vacant Steam Crew
Position Vacant Trainmaster
Steve Habeck President
Steve Habeck Restoration Dept Manager
Steve Habeck Yardmaster
Steve Lee Steam Dept Advisor

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