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Most folks think operating the museum takes fuel, maintenance on equipment and money to purchase and restore more.  While that is true, a lot of money is actually spent on more mundane, yet equally important expenses such as cleaning, office, and restroom supplies, utility bills, etc.  Think of the items that are required to run your typical household.  We use them too, just in greater quantities!  When shopping, if you see a particular item that the museum uses, please consider picking up extra and donating it to the museum.  Even such simple items as light bulbs and copy paper are used frequently at the museum, and when we have to purchase these items, that means we have less money to spend on  "railroad" expenses.  Below is a list of items the museum uses regularly or needs to enhance our day to day operations.


The Western Pacific Railroad museum is wholly funded by admissions, memberships, locomotive rentals, gift shop sales and the generosity of members and fans of the Western Pacific Railroad.  As a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization, the Feather River Rail Society is not funded in any way, shape or form, either partially, or wholly, by any government agencies.  To put it another way, it's spirit, dedication and generosity that keeps the Western Pacific in operation now and in the future.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation of time, materials and money, as we need your help.  A donation, however large or small goes a long way towards helping us not only keep the lights on, the doors open and the trains rolling, but to expand and improve our visitors experience now and into the future.


To make a monetary donation

Items being sought for donation:

You can mail them too!

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Download & print the list in Adobe PDF Format by
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Donated items may also be shipped to the museum at the following address:

Feather River Rail Society

Western Pacific Railroad Museum
PO Box 608
Portola, CA 96122-0608

Feather River Rail Society is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

     (Your donation may be tax deductible!)

The Museum is actively seeking the following for donation:

Rail Equipment:

Signals & Signal Hardware
Freight Cars & Freight car parts
Passenger Cars & Passenger car parts
Locomotives & Locomotive parts
Switch parts (High stand switch stands, ground throws, foot latch stands, ergonomic foot latch stands), switch parts (points, throw bars, point protectors, switch ties)
Locomotive service manuals, air, electrical & paint diagrams
Historic photos of the Western Pacific & its subsidiaries, its equipment, structures, support facilities, support vehicles, yards, stations, WP trains, track and infrastructure
WP & subsidiary advertising & promotional items, safety awards, marketing awards, brochures, timetables, etc.
Model Railroad Items of any scale

Museum operating supplies:

Fuel (diesel, gasoline, propane)
Tools (hand and power tools both)
Cleaning supplies of all types (both "household type cleaners", mops, brooms, gardening tools & supplies such as "Simple Green", "Super Clean" and other types of cleaners and degreasers
Hand Soap
Commercial Copy Machine
Office Supplies (Copier/printer paper, printer cartridges (Call museum office for printer models),
pens, pencils, etc.)
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Shop Rags
CFL Light bulbs
Heavy duty shelving
Spray Paint
Computer equipment & supplies (Ethernet Cable, High speed routers, flat screen monitors, etc.)

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