Union Pacific Historical Society Visit

July 28, 2016


Watch video of Mini CZ - by Steven Parry:

The Western Pacific Railroad Museum hosted visitors from the Union Pacific Historical Society's 2016 convention in Sacramento on Thursday July 28, 2016.  In addition to operating our caboose train, two special demonstration trains were run.  The extra-fare event of the convention included a special photo run-by of a mini California Zephyr.

We fired up the WP 805A, WP 917D, WP 707, and WP 2001 for two photo trains. The first photo train was a "mini-Zephyr" with WP 805A, WP 925C dead in consist, and WP 917D as the HEP.  Greg Elems was the engineer and Ethan Doty was the brakeman, conductor, and rear shove protector. The second train was a nine car freight with WP 2001, WP 712 dead in consist, and WP 707 as HEP.  Charlie Spikes as the hogger, and Steve Parry was the brakeman and conductor. 

For our visitors, the caboose train was run with WP 1503 as the HEP.  Fritz (aka David Elems) was the hoghead, Wilson Burr was the conductor and Jerry Norris was a car attendant.  Steve Habeck acted as car attendant, crossing guard, and remote dispatch for the three trains.

When the two buses, carrying 81 visitors, arrived at the museum, they immediately boarded the caboose train and rode the train to the Sewer Crossing, where they disembarked and formed a perfectly straight photo line.  Steve Habeck had the WP 1503 back the caboose train east of the pedestrian crossing.  The "mini-Zephyr" made a photo run-by out of 2-Rail, stopped west of the pedestrian crossing, and backed returning into 2-Rail. After the passenger train backed into the clear, Steve Parry threw the R-switch and the WP 2001 Freight train make its photo run-by, out of the ramp track.  It made the move, stopped west of the pedestrian crossing and backed returning into the ramp track. 

The caboose train then made a photo run-by for the photo line. When that was done, the aforementioned caboose train crew loaded the visitors on board and brought them to the platform.  The F-7 A-B-A  set was waiting on 3 rail and the Geep consist, minus the freight cars, followed the caboose train into 3 rail, where they remained under power until 1430 when they were shut down.

It was judged to be a very enjoyable and successful day for our visitors and the volunteers at the museum.

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Photos 1 - 7 by Steven Parry
Photos 8 - 17 by Greg Elems



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