2024 Western Pacific
Historical Convention

April 11-14 2024


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“75th Anniversary of the California Zephyr

The 2024 convention will be at the Feather Falls Casino and Resort in Oroville April 11-13, 2024. Registration is NOW OPEN - more information will be posted as it becomes available.


  • Historic and Modeling Clinics
  • Archive and Photo Exhibits
  • Rare Films from the Virgil Staff Collection
  • Fundraising Prize Raffle
  • Vendors and Special Guests
  • Buffet Banquet Saturday Night
  • Saturday night Banquet Speaker: to be announced

Presentations and special events to be announced! Watch this webpage for updates and banquet info.

Online registration is at the WPRM online store this year.

While you are registering at the store, you might like to order a copy of the CZ - California Zephyr 70th Anniversary Celebration for your library.

/news_items/2024_Western_Pacific_Historical_Convention/Feather_Falls_Casino.jpg image not found Information about the Feather Falls Casino and Resort HERE!

Confirmed presentations as of 2/29/24:

  • Chris Skow - Work Trains of the Western Pacific
  • Michael Clawson - Scanning and Retouching
  • Greg Elems/Alan Barrett - Tidewater Southern Freight Trains
  • Mark Friegerg/Larry Goss - Early 1980's WP with Greg Elems narration
  • Kerry Cochran - WP ACF 3-Bay Covered Hoppers
  • Dale Sanders - Railroads affected by the construction of the Oroville Dam
  • Jeff Asay - SN freight operation in the 1970's
  • Mark Bassett - WP and Nevada Northern worked together
  • Mark Bassett - WP tricked the Nevada Northern at Shafter
  • Jim Atkins - First Five years of service on the WP
  • Shane Starr - N-C-O RR
  • Stuart Swiedler - SN in Oroville
  • Gus Paoli - WP's interactions with the N-C-O
  • Clair Phillips - CSRM

Lake Oroville Visitor Center Tour
Sunday April 14, 2024
Lake Oroville Visitor Center Itinerary (Sunday 4/14/24)

/news_items/2024_Western_Pacific_Historical_Convention/2024_convention_car_1280x1280.jpg image not found Center flow covered hoppers built by American Car and Foundry are used for shipping all types of dry commodities. Due to their design they are easy to unload using either discharge gates or pneumatic unloading discharge tubes. Several variations of this car were produced over the years in different lengths and with different hatch covers.

When discussing the car for the 2024 Convention, we decided on the ACF 3-Bay covered hopper. By using custom decals, you could model the car in the WP version or a fantasy version for the Sacramento Northern or the Tidewater Southern.

With some work this model can be modeled after the actual WP car # 11974 in our collection at the museum in Portola.


These cars were done by Kerry Cochran 2/24-29/24.

The car will be available to individuals (members or public) who are unable to attend the convention in person. The cars will become available when the convention closes.

If you are coming to the convention, order yours today.

Downloadable forms:



Updated - 2/29/24