Snow on April 8 2017



April 8, 2017


A very busy day at Portola.  The weekend started out with a little snow, and then it really snowed!  And it was COLD!

Operating Department held Crew Training:

  • Everything was setup and ready for the 10:00 am training class, and then at 9:50 the power went out!
  • Thirteen people took the rules test, while we waited for the power to come back on.
  • Then we had Polish Sausages and chips for lunch, and talked about all kinds of things.
  • Then we gave up on the power company and started the training from battery power.
  • Everyone passed the rules test, and the training was held in spite of the weather and the power outage.  So the day was a success.
  • Two additional crew members took and passed the written test on Sunday.
  • We had two first-timers join the Operating Department this weekend.

Highlights from the Board of Directors Meeting (which started at 1 PM):

  • It was announced that Frank Brehm has resigned as director.
  • Three new directors were appointed to fill all the board openings:
    • Matt Elems
    • Rick Gruninger
    • Roger Stabler
  • Bart Hansen was appointed Treasurer.
  • Leisa Wesch was appointed Gift Shop Manager.
  • The Next Board meeting will be held on May 6th at 9:30 at the convention in Reno.
  • The board meeting went long, but eventually adjourned.  Then ten minutes later, the power came back on.



Pictures from the weekend at Portola

  • TBD
    Friday Noon, it started to snow.
  • TBD
    Saturday morning, it had snowed.
  • TBD
  • TBD
    Kerry Cochran
    General Superintendent
  • TBD
    Paul Finnegan
    Operating Dept Supervisor
  • TBD
    Getting to breakfast was an adventure.
  • TBD
  • TBD
    Bill Parker making his way to training.
  • TBD
    11 AM Saturday April 8, 2017
  • TBD
  • TBD
    Class about to start.