FRRS 2017 Strategic Planning Meeting


Davis Team
Pictured above: Kerry Cochran, David Elems, Steve Habeck, Greg Elems, Eugene Vicknair, Paul Finnegan and Frank Brehm. - photo by Patty Clawson



As planned at the January Board of Directors meeting, the FRRS held a strategic planning meeting on January 28th.  The meeting went from 10 am to after 5 pm and  was in Davis, California.  In addition to the attendees pictured above, Patty Clawson from Big Fish Creations and Mary Habeck attended.  Rick Gruninger, Charlie Spikes and Leisa Wesch joined the meeting by phone.

The board invited our managers, department heads and a few other active members to have a broader perspective in the meeting.  The goal was to plan our activities for 2017 including restoration priorities beyond WP 165 (that is #1  on the list always), archives work, facilities and building items, special events and other actions.  Long term (3-5 year) planning also was explored.

The goal was to create a workable plan for achieving specific goals in 2017 and have plans and organizers chosen to reach them.

March 14, 2017 update:
Report Presented at Board of Directors Meeting March 11, 2017