Almanor Carrbell Snowplow

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From the President's Report April 8th, 2017:
....In other equipment news, I have started a dialog with the Manager of the Collins Pine lumber mill in Chester, where they still have the home- built Carr -bell plow sitting there. Collins Pine very much wants to see this plow preserved; since the deal with the group in Truckee fell apart, they have reached out, looking for someone interested. I responded, since I went there with the Truckee guys some time ago, and was very impressed with the resourcefulness that went into this plow's construction. Collins Pine may even be able to provide some assistance (equipment and funding) to ensure the plow's preservation. This is local history, right in our wheelhouse; Collins Pine's railroad, the Almanor Railroad, interchanged with the WP at Clear Creek Junction, between Almanor and Westwood, on WP's High Line (the old 4th Sub). We would be remiss in our mission if we didn't make an effort to s ave this plow.

From the April 8th, 2017 Board of Director's meeting:

Almanor Carrbell Snowplow

  • Review offer to donate Almanor Railroad snow plow.
  • Plans for Truckee group to move Almanor plow has been abandoned.
  • Written information provided.
  • Steve Habeck gave overview of plow. Stated that the plow is an ingenious piece of engineering and rare example of mill home building. Habeck communicated with mill supervisor. Collins Pine is happy we may be interested. Primary interest is in preserving plow. Collins is offering to help in moving and investing in moving. Willing to hang on to plow until end of Summer.
  • Must move on low boy truck. Is on Central Pacific friction bearing trucks.
  • Noted that Almanor Railroad was major interchange partner for the WP on the High Line.
  • Is usable and would be useful at museum.
  • Discussion of cost / logistics for shipping.
  • Consensus direction given for Steve Habeck to proceed with additional discussions and report back to board.

6/28/17 - Ethan Doty, David Elems and Steve Habeck undertook an expedition to see the Carrbell Plow at the Collins Pine Lumber Company in Chester. They took measurements and photos to give to Rushway Trucking so that they can quote us to truck it to the museum.
Photo by - Ethan Doty