RR Days


Railroad Days Plans

(subject to change)


Updated: 7/19/16 - Scheduling for Railroad Days is beginning to come together. We have a large number of things to get done in advance of the big event.  All these items need to be done by Thursday August 25th.



Things that will need to be done include:

  • restriping the handicapped parking area
  • repainting the blue arrows on the shop floor directing people to the restrooms
  • cleaning/dusting the display room and UP 105
  • cutting down/clearing weeds in the yard and around the shop
  • washing down the shop floor (will have to be done on Monday or Tuesday of RR Days week)
  • cleaning up the cabooses (clean trash cans, clean windows, etc.)
  • assisting Mechanical with locomotive prep
  • some shop switching may be necessary, depending on needs
  • cleaning up the baggage car and the Silver Plate
  • setting up access steps as necessary (rotary, 6946, UP engines (if we get them)
  • washing/cleaning the UP engines (if we get them)

These, and other tasks that may have overlooked, are all on the list for the week preceding RR Days (starting Sunday, 8/21, and continuing all week, hopefully to be mostly done by Thursday, 8/25.)