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2023 Western Pacific
Historical Convention

Joint event with Pacific Coast Region NMRA in Sacramento
April 26 – April 30, 2023


Main convention website HERE for detailed information and registration.

Update 4/7/23: PCR Sacramento “Rails by the Bay” April 26 – 30, 2023 Operating Sessions
This is your invitation to join the crew for operating sessions at the PCR “Rails by the River” Sacramento convention April 26-30. All convention registrants, both in-person and virtual are encouraged to participate in the prototype operating sessions. All levels of skill and experienced are welcome. Most of the layouts have crew jobs for the first timer as well as the very experienced operator. Only the Richard Pashley op session would prefer that guest crew have operating experience. Those layouts on tour can find additional information and pictures on the convention web site: http://pcrnmra.org/conv2023/layouts.html
Please communicate to me your operating layout choices from the list below. The assignment priority will be in the order of your convention registration time. If there is room you may have as many op sessions as you wish after everyone gets at least one opportunity to be a guest crew member. Please indicate the maximum number of sessions you wish. Contact me if you have any questions.
David Parks
Operating Session Coordinator
More information about the Operating Sessions HERE!

Update 3/30/23:
I have some important updates/news about the Rails by the River 2023 Convention which is less than a month away now.
  • Excursions. You've been waiting anxiously for these, I'm sure. We have arranged three excellent tours for this convention. These include: (1) a tour of the California State Museum Collection on Thursday ($20), (2) a tour of Siemens Mobility factory on Friday - remember steel-toed shoes or covers are REQUIRED ($24), and (3) a tour of the California State Railroad Museum on Friday ($20). Due to bus size/cost restrictions, we are limited to 14 people for each of these. You can purchase tickets now at the RBR23 Convention Store. Descriptions of the tours are available at the website Excursions page.
  • The first version of the Schedule is not available as a downloadable PDF. Go to the Schedule page and click the image of the schedule to download.
  • We have added new layouts and changed a few times plus included a description and photos of the 12 layouts now available to visit during the convention. Visit the Layout Tours & Operating Sessions page to see the schedule and learn about the layouts.
  • The Op SIG is working offline to schedule operating sessions on various layouts. If you are interested in participating in an operations session and have not been contacted by the SIG, send an email to Seth Neumann at rbrsig@pcrnmra.org to let him know you're interested.
Looking forward to a great convention.
Jim Collins
RBR23 Convention Co-chair

Update 3/27/23:
Jim Collins here, Rails by the River Convention Co-chair. Just wanted to update you on various announcements for the Convention. These have all been posted on the home page but we realize not everyone checks that often.
Here are some important notices:
Convention car is now on sale! The convention is proud to offer an Accurail HO-scale 1951 40' AAR Single Door Steel Boxcar kit. It will come as a data only car so you can decal/decorate for your favorite railroad. We will also include decals of the Convention logo, PCR NMRA log, and Feather River Rail Society logo. Cost is $25.00. You can order them here:RBTR 2023 Convention Car

Convention shirts are now available! Convention shirts in both “polo” or “ladies polo” styles are now available direct from Daylight Sales. They are available in sizes small to 4XL with cost from $31.95 to $38.95 plus tax and shipping. Order yours today to ensure delivery before the convention starts.
Click here to order:Rails by the River 2023 Convention Shirt

Convention Virtual Coverate Price Change. We recognize that not everyone will be able to attend the convention. So RbtR 2023 is trying something new. We are offering attendance virtually. This will include attendance at one clinic room (specially setup for the virtual feed) for all three days of clinics, regular updates/viewing of the contest room, and a breakout room after the clinics for Q&A with the clinician. This is available for only $50. This is also available to all regular registrants as part of the in-person package.
Siemens Factory Tour REQUIRES Steel-toed shoes or Covers. We are arranging the popular tour of the Siemens Factory. This will include transportation to and from the factory and a two hour tour; however, all attendees must wear steel-toed shoes or covers over their shoes (no sandals). There are many sources for this, just do a search using Google or your favorite search engine.
Do you know someone who loves trains but is not a NMRA member. We are offering attendance at the convention via the Virtual Convention to non-members. The cost, which includes everything the Virtual Convention has, is only $65.00 and includes a 9-month RailPass trial membership which we will complete and send as part of the registration.
That's the latest for now. I expect to send another update very soon with information on the banquet menu and the final schedule and pricing for the Excursions.
Looking forward to seeing you all and enjoying another great convention.
Jim Collins
Rails by the River Co-chair

Link you can use to make hotel reservations.
Start Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
End Date: Sunday, April 30, 2023
Last Day to Book: Monday, March 27, 2023

It’s coming, It’s coming!
The 2023 PCR & FRRS/WPRM Joint Convention
Rails by the River
April 26th thru April 30th 2023
Courtyard by Marriott
1782 Tribute Road
Sacramento, Ca. 95815

    PCR Clinics
    Layout Tours organized by Scott Inman
    Extra Fare activities
    Separate, secure contest room
Volunteers Needed:
    Clinicians and Presenters
    Museum Store Help
    Volunteer Help
    General Help during the convention



Siemens Factory Tour
The Convention Committee is pleased to announce that the Siemens Factory in Sacramento has agreed to provide a tour of the facilities. (Date and transportation have not yet been fixed)

Registration Types
There are three types of fares for this convention:

FULL FARES Full Fare (Early Bird rate of $150 until Jan. 15, 2023; $165 thereafter) includes clinics, contests, layout tours, Saturday Awards Banquet ticket, and Sunday Business Meeting breakfast ticket.

Non-Rail Full Fare ($150) includes clinics, contests, layout tours, access to non-rail activities (payment for non-rail events collected separately), Saturday Awards banquet ticket, and Sunday Business Meeting breakfast ticket.

The special “First Timer” fare of $140.00 is available for PCR members that have not registered for the past 5 conventions and includes clinics, contests, layout tours, Saturday Awards Banquet ticket, and Sunday Business Meeting breakfast ticket.

EXPRESS FARES ($100, Non-Rail $75) include clinics, contests, and layout tours for all three days but DO NOT include any meals. Express Fare registrants may purchase a ticket separately for the Saturday Awards Banquet and/or the Sunday Business Meeting breakfast on the Registration site.

DAY FARES ($60) include clinics, contests, and layout tours for that day ONLY and DO NOT include any meals. Day Fare registrants may purchase a ticket separately for the Saturday Awards Banquet and/or the Sunday Business Meeting breakfast on the Registration site.

To register, you must be a member of either NMRA or FRRS. For those that want to join the NMRA, membership information is available at the NMRA website, www.nmra.org. A 9-month Rail Pass is available to encourage participation and have a ‘look-see’ without a long-term commitment. Also available are full NMRA memberships with or without the print version of the NMRA magazine as well as student memberships.