2021 Crew Training and Qualification

June 5th


Due to last year’s virus events, the 2020 crew training did not take place.

The 2021 Crew Training has been scheduled (barring any public health issues) for Saturday, June 5th, starting at 10 a.m. at the museum.

Currently we will require all Operating Department members to take the Rules Test online.

Once you register for crew training, you will be sent a separate email with instructions how to take the online rules test.



Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign up for Crew Training on the Crew Training Registration web page. (Sign up for “June 5” if you can attend the in-person training, “Online Training” if you are not attending the in-person training on June 5.)
  2. Registering for training will generate an email with an online rules exam link that you can use to take the rules exam.
  3. Everyone should go through all the online Crew Training Material.
  4. If you do not attend the June 5 in-person training, we have a new document that you must sign and turn in with your liability release and emergency information form that certify you went through the training material online. We then file the new document with the rules exam results page and other documents as the objective evidence that you completed crew training for 2021.
  5. For new members to the Operating Department, please review the online training material before June 5th, take the rules test online and attend the in-person training. If you cannot attend the in-person training, then you need to set up a date and time to work with us to make sure you understand the materials, understand the rules and have received one-on-one training.
  6. All crew members will have to present their qualification cards to the supervisor on duty to be checked and recorded on the annual qualification sheet.
  7. All Engineers will need a recheck with the DSLE. The DSLE will make arrangements to have the check performed.

Posted 3/24/21