2021 Crew Training and Qualification

during COVID-19 Health Emergency


We will hold online crew training for 2021.

The procedure for online crew training is:

1) Everyone who is interested, signs up for Crew Training TBA (for this year this is the default signup "date").
2) This will generate an online rule exam link that they can use to take the rules exam.
3) Everyone goes through all the online Crew Training Material.
4) There is a new document that the user signs and turns in with their liability release and emergency information form that they certify they went through the training material online. The new document with the rules exam results page and other documents as the objective evidence that they completed crew training for 2021 are filed in the crew member's file folder.
5) For new members to the operating department, they perform the crew training on-line, take the rules test and then set-up a date and time with proper authority to work with them to make sure that they understand the materials, understand the rules and give them some one-on-one training.
6) All crew members will have to present their qualification cards to supervisor on duty to be checked and recorded on the annual qualification sheet.
7) Any Engineer that needs a recheck with the DSLE, will need to contact the DSLE and make arrangements to have the check performed.