USA 1857


US Army/FR&W 1857

Fairbanks Morse H12-44


Model:  H12-44

Prime Mover:  Fairbanks Morse Opposed Piston 8-1/8x10

Builder:  Fairbanks Morse

Horsepower:  1200

Built:  1953

Operating Weight:  246,000 Pound (123 toms)

Builder #:  12L618

Length:  49 ft. 2 in.

Status:  Out of Service - needs a traction motor change out

Maximum Speed: Max speed is 40-45 mph (It has 14:68 gearing, which is good for 60 mph, but the trucks it's on are only good for 40-45 mph.)




Diesel Prime-mover: Fairbanks Morse Opposed Piston 8-1/8x10
  Six cylinders with twelve pistons
  Cylinder bore is 8.125" with 10" stroke per piston
  2-Stroke cycle
Horsepower: 1200
Fuel cap.: 750gal(US)
Lube oil cap.: 250gal(US)
Water cap.: 135gal(US)
Total wet weight: 246,000lbs
Gear ratio: 14:68 for max speed of 60mph
Starting tractive effort 30% adhesion: 73,000lbs
Max cont. tractive effort: 34,000lbs @ 11.3mph
Overall length: 49ft. 2in.

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