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Photos by - Greg Elems & Paul Finnegan

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Milward: Three models of switch engines at the WPRM. 8/21/20 - Greg Elems

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Dodge Pole siding with a complete train. 8/21/20 - Greg Elems

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WP line up. 8/21/20 - Greg Elems

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Thursday morning 8/20/20, this is how RIP 1 looked. Thursday afternoon it was full with the box cars that we store parts and other items used around the museum. 8/20/20 - Greg Elems

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WP 6116 One of WP’s older cars at the WPRM. 8/20/20 - Greg Elems

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WP 3051 and WP 708 comparing retirement stories at the WPRM. 8/19/20 - Greg Elems

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Three of our green units on a smoky afternoon at the WPRM. 8/19/20 - Greg Elems

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Since we were doing some staging of equipment we put these together. 8/19/20 - Greg Elems

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WP 608 on the west end of the diesel shop. - Greg Elems

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WP 608 on the west end of the diesel shop. - Greg Elems

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Conductor Loren Ross brings another group of passengers to a completion of a great caboose train ride on Saturday May 26, 2018 - Greg Elems

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Brakeman Burr Wilson at work on the first weekend of caboose train operations in May 2018. - Greg Elems

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WP 645 herald on caboose - Greg Elems

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WP 921 catching the last rays of sunshine at the WPRM. - Greg Elems

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Saturday afternoon before the Light the Fire dinner the clouds opened up and bathed the SP 4706 in evening light. - Greg Elems

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David Elems doing some machining on a part
for the steam work week crew. - Greg Elems

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WP 805-A with evening light and stormy skies. - Greg Elems

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Evening light and stormy skies set the stage for 707. - Greg Elems

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After a busy day with 2 RALs and engineer check rides, 2873 sits in the blue hour in front of the WPRM diesel shop in Portola. - Greg Elems

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Saturday night May 5th, 2018 found the WP 165 and WP 501 in the shop together in Portola after getting worked on earlier in the day. - Greg Elems

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WP 501 is over the pit, getting its fuel tank
inspected and prepped for oil and fuel. - Greg Elems

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At the close of the day on May 5th, 2018
WP 707 is seen here in the blue hour. - Greg Elems

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WP 805A at the close of the day on May 5th, 2018 - Greg Elems

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SP 2873 at the crossing on opening day 2018 - Paul Finnegan

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Antique Car Club Visit May 30, 2018 - Paul Finnegan

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DRGW 01414

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WP805A DRGW01414 on a sunny afternoon at the WPRM.

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WP917 as a ghostly image in the window of QRR 1100.

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On 7/8/18 David Elems finished work on the 917D. So to test it under load, we tacked the QRR 1100 onto the 4 GP's and used them to load test 917D. David pushed the cut of engines around the balloon and pulled them back to spot the 917D on the pan. Then Loren Ross, Bil Jackson, Ed Powell and Greg Elems put the 4 GP's on 4 rail and shut the 1100 down for the day. Here we see 917D starting to pull at the pedestrian crossing looking like she did on the San Jose Turn. - Greg Elems

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2001 reflecting on the rail on Sunday afternoon. - Greg Elems

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As thunderheads form over the Sierra, 501 and 2001 sit at the west end of the shop tracks in Portola. - Greg Elems

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WP 165 on July 22, 2018 - Greg Elems

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