Behind the Scenes abc10 June 2017 Shoot
Photos by: Michael Clawson, Paul Finnegan

On June 2nd, 2017 John Bartell of abc10 Sacramento came to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola and made a short travel video segment that aired on KXTV in Sacramento. This gallery has some photos of the events behind the scenes during the creation of the segment.

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Slide 1
abc10 arrives at WPRM

Slide 2
John Bartell of abc10 Sacramento setting up

Slide 3

Slide 4
On the SP2873

Slide 5

Slide 6
Now from the other side

Slide 7
Getting ready to start

Slide 8
Bil gets ready to start

Slide 9
While SP2873 warms up, Eugene Vicknair takes John Bartell on a tour

Slide 10
Eugene Vicknair introduces WPRM

Slide 11
More history...

Slide 12
Introducing WPMW 37

Slide 13
One of our smaller pieces of rolling stock

Slide 14
WP 2001, a real piece of history

Slide 15
Moving on...

Slide 16
WP2001 under mechanical overhaul

Slide 17
Introducing SPMW 208

Slide 18
A REALLY big snow plow

Slide 19
Paul Finnegan gets introduced

Slide 20
Lining East 3 switch

Slide 21
Off to get water for SP 2873

Slide 22
SP2873 Coming into station

Slide 23
SP2873 crossing the pedestrian crossing

Slide 24
Waiting for SP 2873's arrival

Slide 25
John Bartell at WPRM

Page last updated:  Thu Apr 21 19:26:12 PDT 2022