Behind The Scenes abc10 Feb 2018 Shoot
Photos by Patty Clawson, Ethan Doty & Greg Elems

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Slide 1
John Bartell from Sacramento News 10 is interviewing Greg Elems about the rotary and listening to the explanation about what the snail is and it works. - Patty Clawson

Slide 2
Greg Elems is explaining the need for the SP 2873 in the train for power to push the rotary. - Patty Clawson

Slide 3
Steve Habeck is explaining the control set up to John in the cab of the Rotary. - Patty Clawson

Slide 4
John listening an explanation about the machinery and layout of the rotary. - Patty Clawson

Slide 5
John looking out the door of the snail and getting ready to do some narration. - Patty Clawson

Slide 6
Bil Jackson (CMO) and Duane Vander Veen waiting for the rotary to take off and be the rear end crew. - Patty Clawson

Slide 7
John filming Charlie Spikes as he demonstrates the controls of the rotary. - Patty Clawson

Slide 8
Patty Clawson's photo of the rotary coming around the balloon track. John was videoing this also. - Patty Clawson

Slide 9
John getting a hands on experience with the rotary controls from Charlie Spikes. - Greg Elems

Slide 10
Steve getting interviewed by John. - Greg Elems

Slide 11
John, Steve, Greg and Ethan Doty at the end of the interview. - Patty Clawson

Slide 12
John, Steve, Greg and Patty Clawson - Ethan Doty

Page last updated:  Thu Apr 21 19:26:02 PDT 2022