2017 Season Opens

Photos by: Kerry Cochran, Ethan Doty, Paul Finnegan, Matt Shuman

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Slide 1
Operations Begin for 2017

Slide 2
Don Nelson Passenger Engineer Memorial Day Opening Weekend

Slide 3
Fred Elenbaas Fireman Brakeman Memorial Day Weekend Opining

Slide 4
Paul Finnegan Conductor Memorial Day Weekend Opening

Slide 5
Kerry Cochran General Superintendent Riding the Caboose Train Memorial Day Weekend

Slide 6
KC Working in the Museum Store, Memorial Day Weekend

Slide 7
The work crew in the office, Rick Gruninger, Bil Jackson and David Elems

Slide 8
Don Nelson and Kerry Cochran working the Archives

Slide 9
Tie Gang at work on the Balloon Track, David Elems, Bil Jackson, Ethan Doty and just out of view to the right Greg Elems

Slide 10
Does she want to join the Track Gang?

Slide 11
Ethan Doty clears the flangeway for a special move

Slide 12
Pulling the RIP Track

Slide 13
RIP Cars out on West Pass

Slide 14
UP Snow Plow at Malfunction-RIP Track is EMPTY

Slide 15
Steve Habeck pulling RIP-2

Slide 16
This car has not moved in twenty plus years

Slide 17
SP2873 Pulling the Old Baggage car away from the Loading Dock

Slide 18
This is a REAL Manual Switch

Slide 19
Moving the Old Baggage car out of Loading Dock

Slide 20
Dock is clear

Slide 21
New Archive Car at Loading Dock

Slide 22
Lost & Found-Members Day Begins

Slide 23
Today's Crew-Fred Elenbaas, Craig Simmons, Loren Ross, David Epling

Slide 24
Train Ready to Go

Slide 25
Loren Ross Switching

Slide 26
Craig Simmons Working the train

Slide 27
Dave Epling at the throttle 2873

Slide 28
Paul Finnegan and Matt Shuman talking

Slide 29
Ali Barbato, KC Dunn and Leisa Wesch working the Museum Store

Slide 30
Rick Gruninger the Crossing Guard

Slide 31
Eugene Vicknair and Kerry Cochran Mounting new monitor in Boardroom

Slide 32
Kerry with installed monitor he donated

Slide 33
The Board of Directors in the Meeting Saturday 6-3-2017

Slide 34
Conductor Report time

Slide 35
Preparing for Members' Dinner

Slide 36
Members Dinner - Getting ready to eat

Slide 37
Greg Elems at the Members' Meeting

Slide 38

Slide 39

Slide 40
Bart Hansen Carving the Tri-Tip

Slide 41
Almost ready

Slide 42
Post party

Slide 43
Gail McClure

Slide 44
Webmaster at work

Slide 45
Webmaster still at work

Slide 46
Steve Habeck Reporting to Members

Slide 47
Yardmaster President Steve Habeck Reports to the Members

Slide 48
Roadmaster Vice President Greg Elems reports to the Members

Slide 49
Members at Members' Meeting

Slide 50
Museum Store Mgr Director Leisa Wesch Reports to Members

Slide 51
General Sup Director Kerry Cochran Reports to Members

Slide 52
Op Dept Sup Director Rick Gruninger Reports to Members

Slide 53
Secretary Director Eugene Vicknair Reports to Members

Slide 54
CMO Bil Jackson Reports to Members

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