Feather River Rail Society

Mission & By-Laws

The Feather River Rail Society of Portola, California is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational and historical preservation organization that is the owner and operator of the Portola Railroad Museum.

The primary mission of the Feather River Rail Society is to preserve the Western Pacific Railroad with a secondary mission to preserve subsidiary and interchange railroads within the territories WP served.

These missions also include the preservation and interpretation of the history of the WP, with emphasis on:

  • The "Willing People" as a vital link in the development of the rail industry on the west coast.
  • The steam and diesel evolution.
  • WP's influence in the passenger tourism industry.
  • The impact of freight competition between neighboring railroads.
  • WP's influence in the lumber, mining and agriculture industry from Plumas County through out Northern California.

The By-Laws of the FRRS are available by download, please click below on your preferred format.